Magical Drop II Neo Geo Android Game Download

Magical Drop II is a Neo Geo Android Apk Game.

Although SNK’s Neo Geo is perhaps best known for its dreamy array of one-on-one fighters, beat-‘em-ups, and shooters, the arcade marvel also played host to an impressive parade of puzzle games, from classics like Puzzle Bobble to deep cuts like the oddly addicting currency-converter Money Idol Exchanger. If there’s a series that stands out among these as the quintessential Neo Geo puzzle game, however, it might just be Data-East’s Magical Drop: quick-paced, colourful quarter-munchers with amazing potential for competitive play. Now Hamster has brought the second game in the series to the Switch’s eShop as part of its ACA series, and it’s a wonderful addition to the library; Magical Drop II is a true classic, and a must-play for puzzle game fans.




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