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Champion Wrestler (US) Windows Mame Game Download

Champion Wrestler (US) Windows Mame Game Download


Champion Wrestler is a belt-scrolling pro wrestling game developed and released by Taito for arcades in 1989. It was later ported to the PC Engine exclusively in Japan on December 14, 1990, which was digitally re-released on the Wii Virtual Console on January 20, 2009


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Download File

Demo Game

How to play this game and Edit Control ? (Watch Video)


Author: Mame
License: Free
Operating System: Windows
Version: Mame 14
File Size: 42 MB
File Type: msi/exe


Control Type:


Coin: 5
Start 1
Up down Keyboard Button
Press 0 (Ins)
. (Del)
Small Press (power) 1
Small Jump 2


June 18, 2020
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