Zed Blade Neo Geo Android Game Download

Zed Blade Neo Geo is an Android Game which is supported for android device.


Size: 43 MB

Type: APK

Support: Android OS


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In the future, mankind travels to every planet in the Solar System. A large project to establish the Space Frontier is started with the development of an automated space station called Yggdrasil which is controlled by a state of the art super computer. The crew of the Yggdrasil refuse to respond to any of Earth’s communications months after deployment. Suddenly, Yggdrasil attacks the Earth using a large fleet of highly developed space fighters, robots and war machines. Operation Ragnarok is enacted wherein three of the Earth’s best space fighter pilots must restore order by seizing control of Yggdrasil and halting the invasion.


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Here you can download the full game.
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